Beyond being an appreciated artist and designer, Anna Izzo makes her creativity and her talent available for restoration or projects from the beginning about interior design for hotels, homes, offices, showrooms, atelier, and stores, realizing refined and unique venues based upon one idea: She wants to astonish!

Pictures with powerful colors, eccentric murals, sinuous sculptures suspended magically on walls, unusual furniture and art-design items give to the homes designed by Anna Izzo an uncommon touch of class and style.

Thanks to Anna Izzo's talent, many apartments and luxurious residences became rare pearls from every point of view. A notable example of the many works realized by Anna Izzo is the wonderful Tuscany Relais known as Residenza d'Arte in Torrita di Siena.

This Tuscan 14th-century village, reduced to ruins, has been brought back to its ancient brightness thanks to Anna Izzo, who has personally undertaken the architectural restoration, both interior and exterior, truly making the residence one of its kind.

Each Suite of the residence is different from the others from colors, size and shapes, and through a chromatic balance creates an emotional pathway within. Paintings, sofas, sculptures, cushions, chairs, tables, placed in every room and in the common spaces, become unique artworks and the guest becomes the only one protagonist.

Gazebo-sculptures in iron, all around the world unique items, have been planned and realized ad-hoc for the garden and the external terrace; they are comfortable and their elegance doesn't reduce their functionality.