Anna Izzo's sculptures are sinuous, feminine, ironic, and contemporary.

They are invested with womanhood, like lofty spirits, they are sometimes maternal, sometimes seductive, sometimes like children growing into woman.

Sculptures made with different materials as bronze, iron and resin, materials that Anna Izzo use to model bodies, to invent powerful vibrating arms, breasts, and others anatomical parts and to communicate messages showing symbols.

Iron and bronze, antique elements, are shaped, forged, and transformed into imposing works of contemporary art, enriched with pathos and color.

Gigantic 7 mt high women, in very colorful iron, have been realized and located in the gardens and terraces of the relais Residenza d'Arte and are known as "The Girls of the Village".

The artwork of Anna Izzo inspired by the world of haute couture and the creations of Raniero Gattinoni is symbolic: bronze sculptures standing for dresses of extraordinary lightness, petticoats and lace dresses that express the majesty of fused bronze.