Anna Izzo loves to create and experiment in many creative fields...

Her artistic vein has inspired her in different ways, starting from the realization of paintings at the beginning of her career to the creation of sculptures and finally, most recently, to the production of furnitures and luxury facilities for daily living, which she calls Art-Design.

Art-design means perfect fusion between artwork and functional object.

Thanks to this philosophy, the designer Anna Izzo releases the artwork from its thoughtful isolation and creates furnitures and accessories for daily use that are, at the same time, artistic triumphs.

Her work goes through various materials and, in the rituality of the spaces, these items give color and a strong emotional satisfaction to daily living.

The need and the desire to make the most common objects found in every home less ordinary appears itself with the realization of unusual but useful creations.

Tables with sensual legs, very colorful and in polished resin, sinuous sofas and chairs are created from the outline of a woman.

Comfortable sofas and cushions of lively shapes made of soft fabric, stand out among the other elements.

Tables and imposing chairs have been realized in brushed iron with the shape of a mouth and unexpected bolts of light come out from imposing lamps.

Sofa-sculptures and cushions in soft materials are functional sculptures, totally out of the ordinary, becoming things to caress, to cuddle, and to live with in daily life.

The fabrics, velvets, satin, silks, become objects of art-design cuddly.

The soft artworks of Anna Izzo are almost a hug, a declaration of love. A woman's body becomes an elegant sofa that welcomes you comfortably between the curves of his body. A face of a woman becomes a soft sculpture but also a comfortable sitting.

Two eyes watching with long black eyelashes invite you to be touched and seem to ask how important is the art in everyday of life.

These soft artworks made in various colours are extremely funny, ironic, and suitable in any room of the house.

This is an innovative collection of artistic designed objects, which fit in perfectly in any room, giving a touch of elegance that astonishes for its originality.