Anna Izzo's pictures always represent the woman in the universe of her emotions and feelings.

All the paintings are realized with intense oil colors, but, unlike many other painters, she prefers the brush stroke instead of the most common paint brush.

The technique of painting with brush strokes involves a massive use of the color by the artist. This abundance of material on the canvas generates in the picture a thickness and an unusual roughness giving the impression that Anna Izzo's paintings are blowing up the colors.

Her brush strokes are strong, fast, unexpected, just like the shapes and the materials found on her canvases.

For Anna Izzo, the canvas represents a limit to her expressiveness and therefore a border that must be removed. In fact, she doesn't limit her painting to canvases, but experiments working also over glass, wood, iron, and even bronze.

Her canvases are square or rectangular, sometimes flat or like cubes; she prefers to call them "Box Painting". Her painting, however, finds a new form with "Picture-Sculptures", which are painted iron canvases.

Leaving behind the flat effect, they become three-dimensional objects, separate from the bronze sculptural elements, and act powerfully to take over their environment.