For Anna Izzo, the research and the differentiation of materials are important creative elements in her artistic path.

The resin, current and modern element, rich of colors is molded by the artist, that transforms this matter in bright sculptural forms and items of art-design.

Sculpture-chairs, that are an alternate mix of glossy colors with the shape of a woman: orange, fuchsia, black, red fire and steel.

Provocative legs dancing with spiked heels become unusual tables with glass bases that seem dangling in space. Sinuous bodies lying gently on the floor change in sofas or chairs that seem an escape in a succession of shapes and chromaticity.

Looking at these original creations of modern art-design you will feel strong emotions as only an artwork can inspire, but combined perfectly with the discovery of a feature, which will make daily life more easy and poetic.

The resins, flaming and luminous, become beautiful table-sculptures, lamps, chairs, dormeuse day beds, and pictures.

The collection of art-design in resin and faberglass has been introduced in New York and London, where it had enormous success amongst the public and art critics alike.