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Personal exhibition at Sorrento's Social Club.

Collective exhibition: Grand Hotel Bristol exhibition hall, Sorrento.

Personal show, Tourism Promotion Board, Sorrento.

She is appointed External Relations Manager for the leading publishing group in the youth-market magazines sector, whose periodicals include the weekly magazine "Ciao 2001" and the monthly magazines "Music" and "HVMetal", the opinion-leaders in the 1980s' juvenile music world.

Personal exhibition: Circolo Sociale, Sorrento.

Personal exhibition: Grand Hotel Bristol exhibition hall, Sorrento.

Personal exhibition: Stabian Baths Gardens, Castellamare di Stabia, Naples.

Personal exhibition: Etruscan Museum, Portoferraio, Island of Elba.


She leaves the publishing world and returns to work in the high fashion and interior decoration business, and designs high fashion and furniture collections for the main Italian and international companies.


She buys a 17th century mansion in S.Agata dei Goti, in province of Benevento, where she sets up her second studio for permanent exhibition of her works. The studio becomes a landmark and a meeting point for Campanian artists, writers and academics.

One of her works, "Women with a hat", is on permanent display at S. Agata dei Goti's Municipal Council Hall.


"1972-1992 retrospective exhibition" at Palazzo Valentini in Rome, with 55 works on display summarizing the path followed in the last twenty years as an artist.

She is awarded a commemorative plaque by the Rome Provincial Administration Department of the Environment.


"Women Today" collective exhibition at "Il Punto" Gallery, Rome

She collaborates with the Immart Foundation and the "Vittoria Caporrella" Foundation, a meeting point for international renowned sculptors. She join in the studios of Arman and Boiscontier in St. Paul de Vence, Daniel Spoerri in Tuscany and Mimmo Rotella in Milan, which feels her art very interesting.

Her relations with these artists are close and mutually enhancing: Mimmo Rotella commissions her a portrait of his daughter Asia, "October".

Collective sculpture exhibition at Immart, Rome. Anna Izzo - Daniel Spoerri - Arman.


Collective exhibition on "Women", at "Il Punto" Gallery, Rome

Personal exhibition of paintings and sculptures, V. Caporrella Foundation, Rome


Collective exhibition of sculptures, Immart, Rome

Collective exhibition of scultures, Villa Imbarcati, Pistoia, featuring Daniel Spoerri - Consolazione - Anna Izzo. The Deputy Minister of Justice, Senator Giuseppe Ayala, donates a work by Anna Izzo to Prato's Rotary Club on the occasion of this exhibition.

Personal exhibition of paintings and sculptures at "I Margutta", Rome